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Berkshire Rubbish Clearance

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All prices are by the cubic yard

Prices for clearing your rubbish away safely

¼ Load (2.5 Cubic Yards) = £75.00 only
½ Load (5 Cubic Yards) = £110.00 only
¾ Load (7.5 Cubic Yards) = £160.00 only
Full Load (10 Cubic Yards) = £210.00 only

Only pay for what you need

Only Pay for the Space You Need

All of the Any Waste vans and flatbeds in our Berkshire-based fleet have a maximum storage capacity of ten cubic yards.

This means that we are sure to have ample space for all of your rubbish clearance needs – and the best part of all, you only end up paying for the space that you actually use!

Call us on 0800 138 9100 for a free, personalised quote.


How much space do I need?

But what exactly is a cubic yard and how do you know how much space you need?

First of all, one cubic yard is the amount of space taken up by an object that is one yard long, one yard deep and one yard high or three feet by three feet by three feet.

One cubic yard:

  • Two standard household washing machines
  • One household fridge-freezer

Two and a half cubic yards:

  • A standard three-seater sofa

We understand that it’s not always easy to work out exactly how much space you will need, so before we start the job we make sure to confirm the exact cubic yardage of your rubbish with you when we get there.

If you are still not sure or you have any questions relating to your rubbish clearance needs, feel free to get in touch with us and one of our friendly team members would be more than happy to give you a helping hand and help you to calculate how much space your rubbish clearance job will need!

general and domestic waste we charge

The first  20 minutes of loading is free of charge; there onwards the labour charge is £50.00 plus vat per hour.

  • 2 cubic yards ( roughly the space 2.5 washing machines would take up) £90.00 plus VAT (Minimum attendance charge) 10 minutes loading time allowed.
  • 3 cubic yards £130.00 plus VAT
  • 4 Cubic yards (1/2 a standard builders skip or ½ a short wheelbase Transit equivalent) £170.00 plus VAT  15 minutes loading time allowed.
  • 6 Cubic yards £230.00 plus VAT 20 minutes loading time allowed
  • 8 cubic yards £280.00 (a level full builders skip or a full standard short wheelbase Transit). 30 minutes of loading time allowed.

This assumes the waste items or waste is on the ground floor with reasonable access for the attending crew and their vehicle.

All prices are a guide only and will be subject to visual and physical inspection by the attending crew.

Please note: Soil, concrete, sand, bricks, rubble and other heavy waste is charged by the metric tonne.

Please also note certain items now carry additional surcharges at the recycling centre for strip-down or environmentally safe disposal. I.E. Mattresses, Refrigeration Equipment, Oil, Paint, Tyres, Plasterboard, T.Vs. and a few other items.

“We are approved by the Environment Agency: (Reg No EAN/944188/CB) for the removal and treatment of hazardous waste inc. low-grade asbestos.”

Get rid of your rubbish today

It costs less than your think.


“Very quick workers and they was particularly good in communicating with me beforehand (via text) so that I was fully confident there wouldn’t be any problem with the work or any hidden fees. Would highly recommend to anybody looking for house or room clearance.”

Jamie R, RG42


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